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Everything You Need To Know About Pitch Fibre Drains

What Is Pitch Fibre Drains?

In the 1950s, pitch fibre drains were popularized as the modern plumbing solution. The production and material costs were considerably low. With the ongoing shortage of materials, there is no doubt why pitch fibre grew as an alternative to the expensive clay drains. Pitch fibres are made up of cellulose with additions of tar and asbestos. Thus, making pitch fibre pipes the cheaper alternative to the other pipes in the market during that time.

Pitch fibre remained the dominant core material for drains until the 1970s. Plastic pipes were used after that. Pitch fibres are no longer used in drainage systems as better options are available now. Currently, the only drains that still use pitch fibres are those built before the 1970s.

What Are The Problems With Pitch Fibre Drainage?

  1. Pitch fibre tends to collapse under any external pressure. They are said to have a lifetime of 40 years. Almost all the pitch fibre drains currently installed have already crossed this time limit. They are over their lifespan and are hanging on by any means. Even a tiny bit of pressure can cause them to collapse completely. They leave you to make extensive repairs or change the entire drainage system.
  2. The inner wall of pitch fibre drains is not stable at all. Prolonged exposure to water constantly wears away the inner layers. This is a problem when you are supposed to transfer water. Hot liquids, oil, and chemicals do not help the situation.
  3. The lightweight quality of pitch fibre drains allows tree roots to invade the pipes very quickly. These roots break through the lines and obstruct the tunnels. Sometimes, the tunnel gets completely blocked. To unblock drains Bracknell residents need to contact a drain cleaning agency. The repair procedure is different depending on the type of damage.

How Can You Take Proper Precautions For This?

It is impossible to know the constituents from the outside of a drain. Therefore, a CCTV drain survey is the only way to view the damages and problems with your drain. If you are buying a house built between the 1950s and 1970s, you should get a drainage survey done before moving in. You do not want to be dealing with this after you move in and settle down.

This is not a mandatory procedure, but it is for your safety and comfort. Therefore, if you are facing issues related to pitch fibre drains, then be sure to seek direct assistance from experts who can help you unblock drains Bracknell.

These professionals have several years of experience in the drainage industry and can provide immediate solutions to any drainage issue. Thus, be sure to connect with such expert professionals to get more news and knowledge about pitch fibre drains in general. Do not forget to conduct thorough online research before hiring the services of a drainage solution provider.

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