Beautiful And Scenic Coastal Routes In The UK

A walk along the beach is unique in many ways. Coastal locations are generally associated with childhood memories and are where we create new ones with loved ones. Discovering an incredible view, a wildlife sighting, or the sighting of an uncommon rock formation can feel like well-deserved rewards for your efforts.

Whether you’re searching for a clifftop hike or a casual stroll along the shore, or any outdoor activities in the UK, we’ve chosen some of the best areas to explore.

  • White Haven Colourful Walk

This stunning cliff-top walk begins at Whitehaven’s historic 17th-century harbour and continues past the town’s industrial archaeology before connecting to Wainwright’s Coast to Coast path. Whitehaven’s 250-year coal-mining past defines the town and the coastline has been recovered by nature over the years.

The cliff path to St Bees walking route is carpeted in wildflowers, and there are opportunities to visit quiet beaches. This coastline has fascinating stories to tell, including England’s first undersea coal mine and a top-secret Second World War radar post. The Beacon, Haig Pit, and St Bees’ Priory all have interesting stories to tell, and it’s worth travelling to find out more. 

  • The Souter Saunter

Take the Souter Saunter and you’ll see a lot more than a solitary lighthouse on the coast. Begin your adventure in the Foghorn House. Continue to the beach trail after passing past the gate. Turn left and continue down the seaside walk until you reach the fence. To get to the public pathway, follow the fence line.

Return to the left and follow the public pathway past the lighthouse to the parking park’s entrance. This time, turn right and follow the road down to the parking lot. It’s difficult to get lost because Whitburn Coastal Park is clearly marked. Take a stroll around the Nature Reserve and stop at the viewing screens and see what’s happening with the birds. Continue to the Foghorn House by taking a left.

  • Saltburn Warsett Hill Walk

This walk, which begins in the Victorian seaside village of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, has a lot to offer. When observing the coastal fauna, the area may appear to be a natural setting, however, mankind has had a tremendous impact on it. Much of the area was mined for iron stone in the late nineteenth century. At Warsett Hill, you may still observe some fascinating remnants from the industrial era. There are sculptures along the road for those who enjoy man’s more artistic creations. 

The coastline of the UK is graced with a host of delightful little seaside towns – many just a short drive from local holiday parks.  You can enjoy some of the seaside air, pop over to some of the best restaurants around and explore some of the best spots for outdoor activities in the UK, companies such as Beyonk can help you find and book the perfect experiences to fit your every mood.

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