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The Most Creative Block Paving Ideas and Inspiration for your Outdoor Area

Block paving is made up of blocks of uniform size and shape. It’s usually done for pathways but can be used for drives, paths, and sitting areas in the garden. Blocks of various colours make a beautiful design.

Types of Block Paving

Most block pavings are made from concrete, but some are made from stones that look like concrete and sometimes even have a similar texture.

Concrete Blocks

If you choose to go with the concrete blocks, you need to decide on the type. There are several types of concrete blocks; some made to resemble natural stone, so they’re not too noticeable; others in a more decorative vein that may be used less than others. Each also comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Solid Colour Blocks

Solid colour blocks are perhaps the easiest and safest type to go with. They blend in with the landscape and can be changed out as you make new plans for your area. There are also a few solid-coloured wood blocks that are easier to garden than concrete ones.

Decorative Blocks

Decorative blocks need a different approach when laying them down. First of all, they should be made of stone or brick, not concrete, so they won’t be too noticeable when planted among other shrubs and flowers. Secondly, they can only be used where drainage isn’t an issue.

The Most Creative Block Paving Ideas

There are many decorative block paving ideas and inspiration for your outdoor area below. Which one will you choose?

Simple Marble Block Paving

For a simple and beautiful pathway, you can use small concrete or stone “marble” blocks which would be noticeable only if they’re not spaced evenly. For this design, the blocks can be made to look white, black, or dark grey with contrasting concrete lines to make them “pop.”

Caged Block Paving

Using cement blocks as cages around rocks, stepping stones, and plants will give an interesting visual effect that’s unique and eye-catching, especially when the cement looks like natural stone. The cement blocks can be in the conventional block type.

Chain Block Paving

For this design, the concrete blocks look like metal, like a chain-link fence. The concrete looks like a chain, but it isn’t hard to see through the colour and texture of the concrete. This will be a good option if you want to add something new and exciting to your garden area that isn’t too obvious or ornamental. For this design, you could choose stones or bricks and concrete blocks.

Square Blocks Paving

This design uses square concrete blocks. You could also use small-sized stones or bricks, but concrete blocks are the most cost-effective option. This design can be used both to introduce some controlled floral planting and simple to make your walkway look artistic and exciting.

Layers of Concrete Blocks Paving

For a very inexpensive look, layer your concrete blocks one on top of another with no actual lines or gaps between them.

Brick Block Paving

Making your concrete blocks look like a brick is different from the one in #5, but the visual effect still works well. For this design, you need to make sure that your bricks are all of the same pattern and colour and fit together nicely, so they form interlocking legs.

For inspiration on block paving see some paving and patio ideas from Leicester-based Groby Landscapes, who specialise in all kinds of block paving and landscaping.

Benefits of Block Paving

  1. Block paving is a simple but very effective paving style, ideal for all garden areas.
  2. Block paving can be used in nearly any garden area and will last for many years with no problems, providing a solid walkway or sitting area.
  3. You can lay block paving almost anywhere you choose, with no need for planning permission.
  4. Block paving is relatively inexpensive and easy to lay down, especially when compared to other more intricate types of paving.
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